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  • How do crypto currencies, ICOs and the Blockchain work
  • How do invest in crypto currencies and ICOs
  • Market trends and future predictions
  • How to launch a successful ICO
  • How to avoid tax and legal traps

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ICOs - Initial Coin Offerings

  • Best-practice to prepare and execute an ICO - Christopher Emms (CEO TokenKey) – Gibraltar
  • The future of ICOs - Andreas Hurtig (CEO Global ICO Fund) – Sweden
  • How to build a strong ICO community, and avoid scams & hacks - Marianne Dansker (CMO Cypherium, ICO Advisor) – Denmark
  • How to avoid scams & fraud – for investors and startups. - Dimitrios Vourakis (Lawyer & Researcher at Curiositas) – Dubai
  • Success factors of an ICO, and future trends - Brian Fabian Crain (Co-Founder Chorus One, Co-Host at Epicenter Podcast) – Germany
  • Legal risks of ICOs for startups and investors - Artem Afian (Managing Partner Juscutum Attorneys) – Ukraine
  • The 3 legal ways to do an ICO - Oliver Völkel (Partner, Stadler Völkel Attorneys) – Austria
  • Utility and equity token differences. How to analyze an ICO - David Siegel (CEO & Co-founder of – UK/CH

Crypto Investing

  • How a professional invests in ICOs - Henok (Hen) Tekle (Founding Partner, Alphachain Capital) – USA
  • Tax-optimization for crypto investors and ICOs - Christoph Heuermann (tax optimization expert, world traveler) – worldwide How to analyze a Crypto Currency price chart - Philipp Giese (Chief Analyst at BTC-Echo) – Germany
  • How to determine the real value of a Crypto Currency - Raphael Abou (CEO Allyum, CFO Serious Funding) – Belgium
  • How Crypto Currency exchanges work, and how to use them - Kevin de Patoul (Co-Founder Keyrock) – Belgium
  • If and how to start crypto-investing - Alexander Wallin (CEO SprinkleBit) – USA Strategies to reduce investment risk of Crypto Currencies - Dennis Uitz (Cofounder BDX Coin) – Cyprus
  • Altcoin investing, and Altcoin basics - Henry Vu (University of Applied Sciences Würzburg) – Germany
  • How investors and startups have to tax their Cryptos - Michael Petritz (Tax Partner KPMG Austria) – Austria  

Future Trends & Insights

  • Hype, reality, and the future of the crypto ecosystem - Simon Cocking (, Irish Tech News) – Ireland
  • Crypto hubs and ecosystems worldwide. Regulatory cherry-picking - Guenther Dobrauz (pwc Legal Switzerland) – Switzerland
  • What needs to change & the future of Crypto Currencies - Stephen DeMeulenaere (ICO Advisor, Speaker) – Indonesia
  • Blockchain disrupting the gaming/eSports industry - Bernhard Blaha (COO HeroCoin) – Austria
  • How the whole world gets “tokenized - and moved to the blockchain - Kambiz Djafari (Co-founder – Germany
  • Asset-backed crypto currencies - Marco Robinson (Bestselling Author & Cofounder Naked Technologies) – UK
  • Blockchain disrupting the recruiting industry - Richard Foster (Founder & CEO and Moneo) – UK
  • Crypto trends in the United Arab Emirates - Suzanna Kalendzhian (Founder of – Dubai
  • Technology as a force for sustainable social good - Sally Eaves (Speaker and Author, Global Strategy Advisor) – UK
  • Blockchain disrupting the creative & music industry - Christoffer B Wallin (Founder & CEO Pindify) – USA